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Mergers and Acquisitions


WH&SD’s team of expert lawyers has achieved much success in handling mergers and acquisitions of private and publicly listed companies of Indonesian and foreign investments. We handle various types of M&A transactions including share and asset acquisitions, spin-offs, divestments, joint ventures, and strategic partnership transactions.

WH&SD’s expertise includes due diligences, and preparation and negotiation of contracts (particularly sale-and-purchase of shares and joint venture/shareholders agreements). We assist clients in liaising with the relevant authorities in the M&A process, particularly in obtaining the required approvals. We also provide tactical and strategic advice on regulatory issues with regard to M&As under Indonesian company laws and their implementation, as well as capital market laws or regulations.

The success of mergers and acquisitions, in many cases, depend on the quality of legal advice, preparation of documents, and negotiation ability of the teams. WH&SD has the ability to provide high quality communication and negotiation skills, and interpret the client’s concern to achieve smooth transaction processes in accordance with the established goals

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