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Indonesia is an attractive country for foreign investors to establish a business. With over 270 million people, Indonesia offers good opportunities for manufacturers to produce and sell their products nationally and for exports.

Global investment in Indonesia is rising, along with an awareness of many pitfalls awaiting the unwary foreign partners. We provide clients with expert services for the establishment and post-establishment stages of a foreign-investment company and representative offices. We assist clients to navigate the improving, but still-labyrinthine process for obtaining licenses and permits at the national and local levels. We also advise Indonesian clients of the issues in partnering with foreign investors, ensuring that no misunderstandings occur down the road.

WH&SD advises and guides clients on “how to do business in Indonesia,” ensuring that any investment meets all applicable requirements. Importantly, WH&SD also advises on the day-to-day business and regulatory operation of a PMA company.

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