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Rofik Sungkar

Rofik Sungkar

A graduate of the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Law, Rofik began to practice law in 1996, specializing in corporate and commercial litigation and debt restructuring. Rofik has a history of working in prominent and leading law firms in Indonesia.

Rofik is fully licensed to represent clients and appear in courts in the Republic of Indonesia.

Rofik has an excellent ability to combine his legal knowledge and communication skills that would be beneficial to achieve the goals of the clients. He is a professional with high integrity, who has excellent communication and interpersonal skills .

Rofik has an extensive experience in representing various international companies with reputable records as well as financial institutions, in high profile commercial litigation cases both in court rooms and arbitration. He also has advised high net worth and family offices in matters related to various restructuring.

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