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Driven by high integrity, deep expertise, wide experience, and awareness of commercial aspects and practices.

William Hendrik & Siregar Djojonegoro (“WH&SD”) is a leading Indonesian law firm, founded to face the challenges of new dynamism of Indonesian business, fierce competition of globalized markets, and widespread economic disruptions engendered by the growth of digital economy.

WH&SD is the merger of two exceptional firms, William & Hendrik (formerly “William Hendrik & Esther”) (“W&H”) and Siregar & Djojonegoro (“S&D”), effective since mid-2022.

W&H was established in 2016, mostly focusing on the capital-market, and merger-and-acquisition transactions, and commercial litigation. S&D was established in 2013, mostly focusing on banking and finance (corporate, project, and structured finance), merger-and-acquisition, infrastructure, healthcare, maritime law, and project energy.

WH&SD is a synergistic merger of two boutique corporate law firms. The partners and associates have the dedication to perfection, deep expertise, and extensive personal experience to provide top-flight legal services to the highest levels of Indonesian business and government. Our grasp of the intricacies of Indonesian legal environment and experience to put the relevant laws and regulations into perspective make WH&SD the gold standard of Indonesian law firms.

The combined proficiencies of WH&SD partners and associates covers every aspect of corporate, banking, and commercial laws, including litigation. We can assemble a team to perfectly match any client requirements; from drafting boilerplate contracts to designing legal frameworks for complex and , multi-national projects. Our aggregate depth of experience allows us to deliver the added value to all clients and related parties.

The experience, track record, and personality of the founders enables WH&SD to provide high quality communication and negotiating skills to its clients and the ability to interpret the client’s concern to achieve smooth transaction processes in accordance with the established goals.

With the merger, WH&SD has the opportunity to expand the legal services with distinct and diverse specializations. The firm also aspires to make significant breakthroughs in the national and international law sectors.

What Sets Us Apart

The successful practice of law relies on two key components: Perfection and People. In a field where even a single misused term or overlooked item in a commercial agreement can have serious repercussions, perfection must be the norm, not the ideal. But technical mastery of the law should be matched by extensive experience and ability to advise clients on factors beyond the legal framework affecting an agreement or a financial situation.

Our unwavering commitment to perfection and unrivalled depth of experience makes us:

We prioritize maintaining our services to the highest standards.

We find workarounds and unorthodox solutions to tackle problems.

We are whole-heartedly dedicated and loyal to our clients.

Cost Effective​
We deliver the desired outcomes with competitive pricing.

We assure quick and positive responses.

Vision and Mission

To build global, impactful professionals.

To provide legal assistance with integrity and excellence to benefit our clients, lawyers, employees, and community.

Years of Experience
Awards & Acknowledgement
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